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9 Amazing Dog Facts

4. The Dog’s Lifespan

This is an amazing fact, since for a long time it was presumed that one human year was equivalent to seven years of a dog years. Hence, a 10 year old dog would be considered as a senior citizen in human years. However, this is an algorithm that doesn’t exactly match up. Just like humans, dogs age quickly from puppies to sexual maturity, where things will then slow down fairly in adulthood. Longevity is mainly dependent on the size. So, small dogs like Yorkies and Miniature Poodles can make it to 15 years, while the massive breeds like Great Danes and Mastiffs rarely exceed 7 or 8 years. The same thing applies to mutts of similar size, which generally hang on a year or so more than their full-blooded cousins.

It is only a handful of small dogs that have ever made to 20 years. It is also not easy to investigate many claims, especially of extreme longevity since owners often lack evidence of birth date. There is record of a terrier mix from Louisiana named Max who passed away on May 18, 2013, at the age of 29. Max was approximately 83 days of reaching his 30th birthday. That’s a long life for a dog!