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Top 15 Restaurant Food Poisoning Outbreaks of All-Time

Food poisoning outbreaks are a major problem around the nation and when a particular outbreak sets in, it can affect a large population in a hurry. Fortunately, the media is quick to report food poisoning outbreaks when they arrive and many people only consume small amounts as a result. Food poisoning can come from a wide range of products including ...

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12 Poisonous Foods We Commonly Eat

We sometimes take for granted that all the food we buy at the supermarket or order in a restaurant are safe to eat. And 99.9% of the time, we’re right. There are however, quite a number of commonly eaten foods that can make us extremely ill, or even cause death. Certain foods that are normally safe and healthy can be ...

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14 Health Foods That Are Dangerously Unhealthy

These days it’s easier than ever to eat unhealthy food without even realizing it, making it more important than ever to read labels and really start thinking about the food that we eat. If you’ve only recently come to this realization and you’d like to learn more about how to be healthy, take a look at this list of the ...

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14 Foods That Cause Bad Breath

Sick of having bad breath? It could be something you’ve eaten. For many people, bad breath occurs as a result of food being trapped in broken teeth or in gums, creating infection and a foul smell. However, for many people it is simply a matter of diet. The smell may occur as a result of food particles gathering on the ...

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12 Cheap and Healthy Foods You Should Eat Daily

Want to eat healthy every day, but not sure if you can avoid it? It’s a sad fact that it can sometimes be cheaper to buy unhealthy food – but if you buy fresh ingredients and prepare your food yourself, you’ll actually find it’s far more affordable than you thought. As long as you’re committed to preparing and cooking your ...

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